When the body needs a push!
Sometimes it is necessary to give the body an additional push that it can heal itself, how do we do that? One thing I believe in, is that when we understand why we are not feeling well and I mean truly understand, than it is not anymore necessary that we suffer!
With every illness one of the first questions should be :
1.Why do I need this symptoms or this illness now?
2.What does my body wants to tell me with these symptoms?
3.What am I doing wrong?
4.What do I have to change?
When we find the real answers to these questions and change what is necessary to change, might be thinking, might be nutrition, might be a work situation, or even a relationship. When we change these things in a lot of cases the symptoms of illness are vanishing because it is not necessary anymore to have them.
An additional push we can give the body for example with a lot of different therapies.
For example when we try to influence the spine we can do that either directly at the spine, but as well by reflexology over the feet or you will find the spine in the hand and as well on the backside of the calf. When you use acupuncture you might even influence the spine somewhere else.
What I want to point out that it is not every time obvious for us that we are influencing an organ or an organ system with the things we do.
One therapy which I like to mention, because it is simple and it normally can't harm you (careful when you taking blood thinning medication or you know that your blood is to thin): schroepfen
Schroepfen is an old therapy which can be done in to different ways ,I'm only going to explain the unbloody version.
All your organs are innervated by nerves which are leaving your spine, so on your back you have all the organs in sections which are called the Headsche zones. This means when you higher the circulation in these zones ,you will higher the circulation in the organ which is corresponding to the zone .
Schroepfen means then that you take a special schroepf glas with a rubber ball at the end so you can produce a vacuum on the skin.
Then you massage up and down beside the spine (never on it), what will happen: first it will get red but it might even get blue, like a bruise, good!
By doing this you will have two effects :
1.The circulation of the organs will be better
2.When you have myogelosen, which means tissue with too much toxins glued together, you will give the body the chance to absorb them and afterwards you will have a better circulation of the organs.
When you do such a therapy make sure you drink enough water afterwards or you will get a headache! All the toxins which you will get in your circulation after such a therapy have to be thrown out, when you don't drink enough water your body doesn't have the chance to eliminate them . 

By the way the same is for every treatment or massage or reflexology! You'll set toxins free make sure that your body can flush them out!!!



copyright:Marc Steinfels

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