Urine therapy
This is a therapy I really like out of a few reasons :
1.It is simple
2.Everybody has his/her medicine all the time with him/her
3.It is a medicine which is adjusting itself every time new
4.It is sterile
5.You won’t harm yourself ,when you do it right
6.I have seen and heard of a lot of ailments which had been influenced positive by it
When you want to do urine therapy, I would say when you go the first time in the morning to the toilet, take a glass with you, put bit urine in the glass and take a good sip. You might drink a sip of water after the urine to get rid of the taste but try not to eat or drink anything else for one or two hours afterwards! I like to compare this therapy with an antivirus program for a computer. Your urine is specific yours ,and it is changing when your illness is changing, when your nutrition is changing or when your drug or alcohol intake is changing , so it is every time up to date. So it will tell your body, this is wrong, change it! And every time new your body can adjust itself to the changing condition. In my experience it doesn’t have to be big amounts urine which you are drinking, even when there is literature where people had been drinking lots or all of the urine they had been producing. I believe when we confront the body with a bit of this information that should be enough.
Urine is normally sterile, so when you have a wound and nothing to clean it with, use urine!!!
For all skin illnesses it is such a nice remedy, but please you should only use it internally!!!
When you are suffering from psoriasis or neurodermitis or other skin illnesses, please don’t use it on your skin or try it out at a small patch with just a little bit!!! I have seen really bad first reactions when people used it locally on their skin, which I had never seen when people used it internally.
For children, even for really small kids it is just perfect! You might mix it with a bit fruit juice and/or a bit water to change the taste; you might even produce a homeopathic remedy out of the urine. I would say either a D5 or D7 should be the potency of choice.
To produce a homeopathic remedy ,you take 10 drops urine and mix it with 90 drops water ,shake well then you have a D1 or X1.
You take 10drops of the D1 or X1 and mix it with 90 drops of water , shake well ,then you’ll get a D2 or X2
Then you take 10 drops of the D2 or X2 mix it with 90 drops water ,shake well,thenyou’ll get a D3or X3
And so you go on ,till you will have the potency you want to have .
For dermatitis it is really helpful!!! (In such a case, don’t feed cow milk!!!)



copyright:Marc Steinfels

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