Meditation is in my opinion a very important step on the way to health or on the way to stay healthy. Most of the cancer cases Iknow who have been healed , started a kind of meditation practise for themselves. Meditation can be anything I guess!!! It might be looking at a candle or watching a tree or even hugging a tree. It might be going fishing or shanting mantras. Which meditation is good and/or helpful for somebody is quiet difficult to find out . I think there is no wrong meditation as long as it gives somebody peace in the mind. One meditation I really liked is a ten day retreat which is offered worldwide and is called vipassana meditation. Normally it is taught for free and there is no religious manipulation involved. But anyway I would suggest to do a donation after the ten day course , because then the next one can learn this meditation as well for free.

My Medition, which I do is:

You sit or even lie down comfotable

You feel into your body and arrive for a meditation

when you are breathing in, you are breathing in at the some time simultanously:

  cosmic energy through your crown chakra and

  earth energy through your first or sacral chakra.

Both energies you breath into your hara which is located inside your body around three finger wide under your navel.

There you let these energies  energise a red/orange energy centre , which is located there. Each breathing in is filling this energy centre with energy.

When you are breathing out,you are bringing up the hara energy from your hara to your heat chakra,

there you transform it into love and

you are breathing out pure love for everything which exist on this world.

every breath is filled with this intention . no breath is done in a hurry . Best would be if you can breath so slowly that not even you can hear yourself breathing and have a look for the gaps between breathing in and breathing out.

Try not to think, but when you find yourself thinking do not fight the thoughts , just let them come and as well let them go as easily.

One clever man said once: the intention with which we are breathing in and breathing out is the only real sacrifice which we can do in this world.



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