Water is for me very important! in all my sessions I try to convince my patients to drink more water, that the kidneys will have the possibility to throw out toxins. in my opinion we should drink at least two liters every day!!! when we are living in a hot climate or when we are sweating a lot , it might be necessary  to drink much more than that. The problem with the water is that a lot of the water we are drinking or which is coming from our tabs are either contaminated or without any energy. Water is a medium which in nature is never running straight ! when we are forcing water to run straight then it is loosing the live energy which is normally to be found in the water. Water has the ability to store infomation , which means even if the water is cleaned from chemicals , when we get water which is recycled , we have in a lot of cases the information of the hormones , drugs , and of all the medicine of the people who drank the water before! One of the worst water which I tested is the water of London! In London I would normally recommend to use the water only for washing or showering , for Tea or brushing your teeth you should better use water with a better quality! But be careful a lot of bottled water is not any better!!! For example there is a softdrink company which is bying wells with springwater everywhere in the world. every time when they bought a new well the water which is produced there is not good anymore! In my opinion a good water has a slightly sweet taste!!! Be careful with mineral water or healing waters mostly you shouldn't drink them for long time!!


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