Das bin ich

Mein Name: Marc Steinfels
Geburtstag: 30.11.1961
Wohnort: Hamburg

Reisen, Schwimmen, Naturopathy, Schreiben

Elisabeth Haich: die Einweihung, Dan Millmann: der Pfad des friedvollen Kriegers


Espresso, weisser Tee , Rotwein

American Graffiti , Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein



I love australia

Hi my name is Marc , I'm learning since over 20 years about naturopathy and everything what is belonging to it . I'm a bit fed up with the way the 'normal' medicine is developing  and hope to help a few people while posting what i think is important to know. To be legally correct this site is my personal opinion , this site is not doing any diagnosis and if you are ill, you still might have to go to a doctor or a naturopath for diagnosis or for therapy !!! Anyway you might find here a lot of tips, what you can do yourself and i might point you in a direction where you will get informations which support what i'm saying or which give you further information . Enjoy your visit to my site and see you again.


All what i'm writing is for me in the moment the truth, but i reserve myself the right to alter my truth when i learn something new , which makes it for me impossible to believe in my old truth!!!

                                      lots of love and light

                                                         Hp.  Marc Steinfels

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