Every body is different!!!

The problem is to approach humans on a scientific basis
While everybody likes to point out the individuality of humans, in the medical world everybody has to be the same and to react in the same way. So each study which is done normally assumes that a placebo group, which we take as a control group, makes our study scientific. I’m sure it is not working like this. When we look at the different races, we have on earth it should be already clear that we have different reaction in different persons.
One example is the missing of the enzyme system MEOS in a lot of people of the Asian community, which lets European people detoxify alcohol better. That is the reason alcohol is in Asia much more harmful than in Europe.
But that was just an example to illustrate my point .In iridology a ground criteria is the color of the iris ,which shows us the reaction is human is having to each treatment .The iris is the only point in the body where we can look at the endothelium, which are the cells our nervous system is built of. There we’ll get the best impression how the nervous system is reacting. In naturopathy we use this knowledge to choose how high a doses should be and how the patient might react. A blue eyed person will have a quicker reaction and needs less medication than a brown eyed person. But even that is a simplification of what I’m talking .Between the blue eye and the brown eye we have for example the green eye and a lot of different mixes between ,which are all reacting a little different!
When a study is done in Asia the percentage of people with brown eyes will be much higher than when the same study is done in Europe. We won’t get the same results!
When I was studying naturopathy one sentence which was for me really important was:
Don’t believe any statistics which you didn’t fake yourself!
When we try to compare humans, it is every time that we compare apple with pears. Which might be scientific correct, because all are humans, but it is similar to animal testing. A medicine, which might help a monkey or a mouse doesn’t mean it will help every human and for sure it does not mean it will help every human in the same way with the same doses.



copyright:Marc Steinfels

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