Energetic Mistakes?

Quite a few of my patients are healer or people which are doing bodywork. When I get to see them, it is quite in a few cases because they acted, in my opinion energetically wrong. Three in my opinion often done mistakes are:
1., giving a patient something of our own life energy, out of the wish to help

2. The attempt to treat “only” with cosmic energy, which includes the neglecting of
the earth energy

3., the own energy source won't be recharged, the “battery” runs empty

1., Giving the patient something of our own life energy
The wish to help is the most important intention a healer has to have, but that should only be the root for the choice of the profession, in a treatment, especially on an energetic level, we shouldn’t try to help. I believe that it is much more helpful, for the patient, to be unattached. This doesn’t mean that we are not trying to do the best we can in a treatment. It means more to accept a borderline in every treatment:
Which means for us, I guess it is better when we channel energy instead of trying to be better than the channeled energy. When we are channeling energy we are giving the patient an energetic offer mostly at our hands. When the patient can receive this energy he will do that automatic. But in quite a few cases the illness has a reason, has a duty to for fill, as long as this is the reason we won’t have success in our treatment.
When we are only using channeled energy it normally shouldn't matter to us, if we are successful or not with our treatment. 
What a lot of healers try especially if they didn't gain enough success in a treatment, they are giving something of their own energy into the patient.
What a sacrifice, you might say, I would call it stupidity!
Our energy can't help anybody in the long term it is not balanced enough.
The patient might feel nice after the treatment, but never for long. By doing that we won't see a real healing, but we might create a fixation of the patient towards us, an energetic addiction.
The bigger problem the healer has to face, when he is treating a few patients a day, every day. Sooner or later his own “battery” is running down.
The way I understand the channeling of energy is, when we are doing it right we are charging our batteries with every treatment which we are doing.

Copyright:Marc Steinfels

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