Oil therapy
This is another therapy I really like and which when done right won’t harm you.
It is a therapy which should be coming from Russia.
First thing in the morning you take a teaspoon full of refined sun flower oil and you are chewing the oil and sucking the oil from one side to the other in your mouth for twenty minutes. It will be getting more and more in that time ,so it might be necessary to spit out a bit before the time is over.
Imagine, while doing it, that you are bringing all toxins and bacteria and all the other stuff you want to get rid of, into the oil! Which means this oil is getting really, really nasty and as well toxic in your mouth, so don’t swallow it!!! Spit it out and clean your teeth, tongue, and mouth afterwards carefully!!!
For this therapy it is necessary to take refined oil!!! When you would take oil which is not refined there is the possibility that you will absorb the oil by the tissue in the mouth, which is the last thing you want!!! Like I said the oil is after twenty minutes really toxic!!!



copyright:Marc Steinfels

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