Magnesium Phosphoricum X6 or ‘the hot No. 7’

One remedy which I really like because it is really effective, it has multiple indications and it has no side effects, no matter how often or how much you are using it, is the biochemical Schuessler salt Magnesium Phosphoricum, which I mostly use in its X6 potency.


-        Cramps while having the menses

-        PMS

-        Headaches

-        The beginning of migraine attacks

-        Sleeplessness or Problems to fall asleep

-        Restlessness by circulating thoughts

-        Relaxation

-        Cramps in the calves or anywhere else in the body

-        Cramps in the intestine

-        Restless legs

-        Cramp rings in the iris, as a  constitutional remedy

With all these indication it makes sense to try Magnesium Phosphoricum as one of the first medicines before you try anything else!

How to use it:

Important to keep in mind is that, if we want a relaxation of the mind and for the psyche there shouldn’t be done any movement!!! That means the patient has to sit or lie down after he had taken the remedy itself or the preparation which is known as ‘the hot No.7’. The patient should rest at least five better would be ten minutes without any movement!!! Each movement will bring the Magnesium into the muscles and then it can’t act any more on a psychic level.

Take seven tablets of Magnesium Phosphoricum X6 in a glass or a cup which shouldn’t be made of metal and pour cooking water over the tablets and stir with a wood- or a plastic spoon. Don’t use a metal spoon for stirring the preparation!!! Drink this preparation sitting on the bed. Drink the preparation as hot as possible and then lie down without any further movements. Then wait without any motion till the relaxation will happen.

In a lot of cases the patient will fall asleep and will awake really refreshed.

In some cases you will see the same effect when the patient is just dissolving the tablets under the tongue.

Sometimes it is enough when a patient is taking the tablets in his hand, it doesn’t seem to matter in such cases if the tablets are still in the bottle or in a plastic bag.

Side effects:

There are not any side effects known!!!

The remedy can be used as long and as often as necessary or required!!!

The remedy is a good choice of treatment, when we have a constitution which is prone to cramps and it will give such a person a lot relief!!!



                                                                                                                                Copyright Marc Steinfels  

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