Quite often we find around the iris, at the borderline to the white in the eye, a dark ring. The iridology says it is a sign for a skin which is not detoxifying in a way she should. In my believing the skin is acting as”third kidney“.All substances, which can’t be thrown out by the kidney, are going into the deep tissue or to the skin. So whenever we are confronted by a skin problem, we first have to look for the toxins which are causing it. (Should I advice to wash cloth before the first wearing or do I hope that is common sense? (Dye, chemicals, pesticide etc.)
Whenever we find now this “dark ring” around the iris, we have a condition, in which the kidney tries to recycle too many toxic substances which she normally should throw out. When these recycled toxins are entering the blood, the blood tries to get rid of them as quick as possible and the recycled substances are being stored into the deep tissue. The deep tissue has only a limited capacity, after being stuffed for 10, 20, or 30 years with toxic substances the deep tissue is full!!!
When the deep tissue is “FULL” we have two problems
1. We can’t get oxygen and nutrition through a “full” deep tissue to the skin, which might cause skin problems (you name it…)
2. The body can’t store any more the toxic substances and doesn’t know what to do with them, now. Might cause diseases with fever where the body tries to eliminate the toxic substances like for example asbestos. Or when these substances are heavy metals or hormones it might be a Candida infection, which is in my opinion

1.,. For me this is as well a sign that the kidney tries to keep as much substances as possible. When we don’t convince the kidney to get rid of esp. heavy metals, she would keep them, perhaps with the thought, to use them again.
2., it doesn’t make sense for such a person to go in a high temperature sauna, she will only sweat water. when such a person goes into a Bio-sauna:60 degree Celsius and a humidity of 60 % ,she will need around 25-30 minutes till she is starting sweating “productive”, which means she is starting to throw out toxins.
3.,somebody who has such accumulating kidney ,must drink even more than the ‘normal’ 2litres of water a day .when he drinks enough water has body , is not quick enough to keep all the substances and has to throw them out .
4. When we support the kidney through different therapies like schroepfen or baunscheidtieren or even with massages: deep tissue massage or reflexology the kidney will get a better circulation and has a better possibility to detoxify. In my opinion it makes sense for such person to wear a woollen kidney belt.
5. The maximum time for the kidney is between 5-7 o’clock p.m. in this time it is good to drink lots of water and take herbal medicine like stinging nettle or other diuretic herbs.
6. The minimum time for the kidney is between 7-9 o’clock p.m. don’t drink water in that time! the kidney has other things to do in that time ,so if you drink water in that time and you have a weaker kidney all this water is stored in the tissue and you’ll have to get up at night to pee because than the kidney had time to digest it . When you want to drink something in this time try to drink something which is nutrition, which means liquid which has to be really digested, soup, juice ,or even beer would be better than water.
7. For such a person it is necessary to support the skin circulation, which mean to shrub or brush the skin in the shower with a brush or luffa will help to get a better skin circulation when you have a better skin circulation the skin can act in detoxification as well

Copyright:Marc Steinfels.

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