Scares: Scares are a thing most people have and only a small percentage of them are really disturbing the body. But when a scare is hurting, itching, got no feeling at all in it or is reacting with a kind of electric sensation or any other unusual sensation, we can suspect that this shows us a disturbed energy flow Scares which are often disturbed: Tonsils, appendix, caesarean, knee operation, Hallux valgus ops., heart surgery, or any scar which looks different to the surrounding area Therapy: 1. Injection of a local anaesthesia under the scar: A. procaine: shorter acting 30 minutes, detoxification mostly through the kidneys, Careful: Risk of allergy reaction! Don’t mix it with other ingredients like: Coffee B. lidocaine: a product similar to what the dentist uses, detoxification is done in the liver (might require an additional liver treatment), the numbness is much longer noticed,-- . Both remedies are causing numbness in the scar within seconds, which makes the injection process mostly pain free depending on the skill of the practitioner. In this process the energy flow between the cells involved should be restored. Scars which are caused by surgery often have small parts which are disturbing the energy flow in this case it might be not even necessary to inject under the whole scar, but only under the disturbed parts It might take a few injections to restore the sensibility of a scar completely, but it is a good and necessary step on the way to health 2, Laser therapy helps in my experience as well, must be done more often over a longer period of time 3, APM- Massage can help as well, together with a cream – takes longer 4. Etc: crystal therapy, shiatsu, even yoga, but I don’t have enough experience to recommend any of this therapy because I can’t tell how long it might take for a result. 5. Meditaping= applying of a blue tape on the scar> I had seen it helping, but I don’t know how long the result will last. After the treatment the scar tissue should feel like the surrounding skin, only then the energy flow is restored. Copyright:Marc Steinfels

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