This Illness is quite fashion in the last year’s .When we are looking for the reasons, there are a few:
1., Antibiotic Therapy:
Antibiotic means against life ,which means while taking such stuff we are destroying all the “good “bacteria in us .When we don’t have the good bacteria the Fungis ,which are not affected by the antibiotics can grow uncontrollable.
After every Antibiotic Therapy we should CREATE A NEW SYMBIOSIS IN THE INTESTINES.
Heavy metal is in my opinion a reason for the growing of Candida. I understand in such cases the growing of the Fungis as a reaction of the body. The candida fungis are in my opinion able to bind heavy metal which helps us to keep our blood clean.
Most cases with heavy metal intoxication we find today are done by the dentists.
The Mercury ,which is in the grey fillings(amalgam) , is for nearly half of all patients toxic !When a patient has a constitution ,which I call the STUPID KIDNEY(iridology), he is not throwing out heavy metals , he is accumulating them in his deep tissue! When the deep tissue is to full, we will get the problem, candida is only one.
Heavy metal done by dentists we have as well in crowns, in which Palladium and vanadium are substances which are not tolerated by some patients.
Also implants might cause such a reaction. (HEAVY METAL DETOXIFICATION)
The detoxification of all hormones has to be done by the liver (LIVER TREATMENT).
In my experience with a lot of female patients I notice already lots of difficulty to balance out the own hormones (Women problems). When a patient is additional fed with artificial Hormones, we are reaching a point in which the body uses, in my opinion, the candida to eat up all the hormones which can’t be detoxified by the Liver immediately.
In my experience it is unimportant what kinds of Hormones are given, thyroxin is as bad as the anti-baby pill.
In quite a few kids I notice that the Infection with Fungis must have been by birth or must have been passed on by the Mother milk, too much sugar creates then a candidiasis.
5. Wrong nutrition?
I’m quite sure that a too much of sugar is creating a candidiasis, but I don’t believe that it then be the only reason for this situation.

These reasons for the candidiasis show hopefully already that it won’t make sense to destroy the candida without changing something in the reason why the candida was developed in the first place. So it is perhaps understandable that it is necessary to keep a diet to get rid of candida, but on the other hand the best diet can’t get rid of candida when we have other reasons why the candida is there.
A diet for candida means that we don’t support the Candida with any sugar if possible. When candida gets sugar it can double its population within 20 minutes, which means within one hour we might have eight times the amount of candida.
You won’t believe, in which food there is all sugar added: Ketchup, bread, tinned vegetables, tinned soup etc. (should be declared)
Every sweet fruit is to avoid
Curd is great, but only without fruits and sugar
Honey is sometimes okay (cold processed with high life energy)
Beer and yeast or yeast products are sometimes even helpful


Candida treated with Enderlein Therapy:
The Remedy which I would recommend is Albicansan.
This Remedy is highly active which means it should be used really careful! To start a Therapy, especially with children, it might be best to start with 1-2 drops of
Albicansan D5(x5) liquid rubbed into the skin in the elbow or under the feet.
After a week I would think it could be save enough to give Albicansan internally.
The reason why I think such a Therapy should be done careful is not that the remedy is dangerous, but the toxins of the dead candida have to be detoxified from the liver, which is hard work! So I think it is more clever to give the Liver enough time to detoxify the toxins and throw them out via naturalis, without getting Liver Problems.
While taking Albicansan internally I normally would prefer to use suppositories, which have the advantage to have the strongest effect. For children it might be necessary to make the suppositories smaller.
After a period of one month we should see already a big difference, the whole treatment might take half a year.
Candida treated with a Zapper:
A device, which I found used in Thailand and India, which gives an electric signal which should destroy lots of parasites
The idea is quite simple and the device is easy to build and I must admit it works with candida, sometimes.
To expect to cure with one frequency lots of different illnesses is perhaps to much wishful thinking.
Candida treated with herbal medicine:
Myrtus communis
Tea tree oil

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