Garlic Therapy
While garlic is not a herb of northern Europe ,it might be that this therapy is not fitting for everybody, even when I never heard of anybody who had an adverse reaction.
This garlic therapy was found in an old Tibetan monastery and should be over 2000 years old. The WHO was sending it all over the world to doctors. (Did your doctor was telling you about it?)
You take 300 grams of garlic press it and put in the cleanest+ highest percent alcohol which is available in your country.
Leave it for two weeks; store it at a dark, cool place.
Pour it through a cloth to filter out the garlic pieces and put it in a bottle.
The original recipe says to put it in milk; I would advice my patients to put it either in water or in a bit yoghurt.
You start on the first day to take one drop in the morning, two drops at lunchtime, and three drops in the evening
Second day: four drops in the morning, five drops at lunchtime, and six drops in the evening
Third day: seven drops in the morning, eight drops at lunchtime, and nine drops in the evening
Fourth day: ten drops in the morning, eleven drops at lunchtime and twelve drops in the evening
You higher the doses up to twenty five drops, then you go down again to one drop in the same way.
Then you take three times a day twenty five drops till the bottle is finished.
It should be good for everything what you can imagine!!! What you are doing with it for sure is you are making an investment in your health!!!
Every five years you might do it again. Don't be too afraid that you are getting too smelly, when your body gets used to the garlic, you won't smell that bad. When you eat parsley after taking the drops or after eating garlic you normally won't smell at all!!!




copyright:Marc Steinfels

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