Iridology or iris diagnosis:
Iridology is the art to interpret the signs in the eye and use it as an additional diagnosis.
The iris is the only point in the body where we have the possibility to look into the endoderm, which is the cell structure which is forming the nervous system. This means we can see how the nervous system of a patient is built and how the patient would react to the stimulation of his/her nerves.
In my opinion it is not important to see in the eye all the illnesses a human had or might get, it is more important to see what kind of constitution somebody has, which means to see which organ system will be involved when a person gets ill. And how is his/her body coping with the illness.
To keep it really simple, I just want to point out two differences in the eye:
The color of the iris, to keep it easy, either blue or brown.(green eyes are an under fraction of blue eyes)
The size of the pupil, either big or small
Some people might think it is a too simple reduction of a big field, but the information we will get are already really helpful!
When somebody has brown eyes
-all illnesses are liver related >when we support this persons liver we will see that the whole organisms can cope easier with any problem.
The hot water bottle on the liver will be the first solution for everything, especially between 2300 and 1a.m.
-the organisms need a strong push otherwise we won’t get any reaction at all!
For example when such a person wants to take Echinacea to get rid of a cold, it does not make much sense to give him/her every day a few drops. When we want this person to react it is in my opinion better to let such a person take 50 drops of Echinacea in hot alcohol or in hot red wine on the evening when he/she feels the cold coming!!! After taking such a dose, best is to go to bed with enough blankets and sweat it out.
When a person with brown eyes is getting a cold, the illness is often starting really slowly; the fever will never get really high the phase of recovery might take two weeks or more.

When somebody has blue eyes,
It is more important to support the kidneys and the lymphatic system.
Such a person should not have a cold lower back especially between 5 p.m. and 9p.m., if necessary hot water bottle in the back especially in that time
Such a person will eliminate most toxins by the kidney over the urine, so we need such a person to drink enough water!!! (No water between 7p.m. and 9p.m.>won’t be digested in that time, the water will be stored in the tissues and the person has to get up in the middle of the night to pee.
All illnesses will be starting quickly. The person will be ill for a short time with high fever, but will recover really quickly .
Persons with blue eyes are more likely to suffer under allergic reactions.



copyright:Marc Steinfels

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