Hot water bottle :

One of my precious remedy is for lots of symptoms and for quite a few illnesses, the hot water bottle on the liver.
The liver has to do lots of work: detoxify all the blood, digest fat, produce sugar for our brain and nervous system, build hormones and detoxify them, detoxify alcohol and drugs, and more.
The liver is on the right front side of your body under the ribs, opposite side to where the heart is.
The liver needs like a diesel engine, the right temperature to function. So a lot of the energy the liver gets by you is used to create heat. But if you give the liver heat especially wet heat from the outside your liver can use all the energy which it normally would use for heat production, for detoxifying. To feel the difference for yourself use the hot water bottle after drinking too much alcohol. Either on the same evening you had been drinking or on the next morning the hot water bottle will help you to recover.
The best time to use the hot water bottle is in the time when the liver is working hard , this is in the evening between 2300 and 100 o'clock, when you do it in that time you will get the greatest benefit of it
Be careful: the bottle can be so hot that it burns your skin, but you won't feel it because the part where you are applying the hot water bottle is enjoying the heat so much, that it can't feel when there is too much heat!!!
Ergo: test the temperature with your under arm before applying somewhere else!!!
Indication for the use of the hot water bottle are: drinking alcohol, PMS, all illnesses of the liver , all intoxication by chemicals or hormones, varicose, hemorrhoids, cancer, chemo therapy, all illnesses in which the hormones are not balanced , fasting(no fasting without using the hot water bottle)



copyright:Marc Steinfels

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