Somebody can be called healthy, when nothing is really bothering his mind and soul ,and his body has the ability to balance out itself ,which means his own ability to heal is strong enough to heal him.
Most humans don’t have any health problems till the age of 30.
Till that time, they can treat their body with no respect, use lots of alcohol and drugs, have a bad nutrition and have no exercise without them really noticing that there is a body to take care of.
But then, they can’t go on like this and either learn their body needs or get ill. I believe we should get to know our body , before we got to illness !I’m talking about a point at which we feel ,that something is not quite right ,but the doctor would tell us all the laboratory results are okay. At this point we should change! At such a point it is easy to get back to health, much easier than when there is an illness. In a lot of cases at such point we only have to change a bit our nutrition, a bit our exercise regime, or a bit our stress levels.
Not much, only up to a point that the body can heal itself!
I believe we have to treat our body with a kind of respect. When we would be driving a racing car, we probably wouldn’t put diesel in the tank; no we would try to get the best available petrol.
Fast food is not the best petrol for our body! The body needs better quality fuel! Don’t get me wrong, when you want to eat your burger, enjoy! Worse than eating it, would be to have a bad conscious about it! But you only should eat it once in a while and not on a regular basis.
On the other hand a nice salad you might eat daily. There are lots of books on nutrition, this is not one! I believe our body is telling us what is good for us and we only have to listen a bit more what he has to tell us! When we have diarrhea or constipation in a lot of cases we ate something wrong. Wrong means: something which was especially for us not good. When we are sitting with 10 people at a table and only we got stomach cramps, perhaps only we can’t cope with this special food.
There are three things, which I believe is really difficult to digest:
1.Milk, like a teacher of mine said, milk is for children and for little cows, but not for adults! For digestion of milk we need a special enzyme, which makes the first digestion process in the stomach. This enzyme (lab ferment) should be missing in 80-90%of the European population, so only one of ten people is able to digest milk, which means in the others the milk is not getting digested, but only gets moldy. Milk has to be seen critical, because in my opinion we have lots of milk allergy. This milk allergy is a problem because the langerhanschen cells in the pancreas are similar to milk molecules !Which means the allergic reaction won’t only concentrate on the milk molecules but will also destroy the insulin producing cells in the pancreas and then we will get a diabetic typ2. The most diabetic cases we have in India, which means for me we will have there lots of milk allergies .The problem in India is the milk is even holy.
B. Another problem with the milk is the hormone and antibiotic problem in the milk. Most cows are already pregnant again, when the milk is taken, and we are drinking then the changed hormones, which can’t be really healthy. Additional in our days quite a few cows get injections with recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) a genetically modified growth hormone (Monsanto), which should increase the milk production, but it is as well in the milk which you drink then and your body has to detoxify another hormone, which is not even tested in a long trial what it actually does in humans. C. when the cows are drinking water with pesticides and herbicides it will go into the milk ,so we might get poisoned in that way.
2. Salad: salad is really good for you! But only when you eat it right !Salad has to be at the beginning of a meal because it is much easier and quicker digested than meat or other stuff so better eat it first. In my opinion you should not eat raw fruit or vegetable after 6 o’clock p.m. In my experience it might be even not later than three o’clock when the body has problems to digest raw food, but that is something which is individual. Try out for yourself, but the salad should be at lunchtime and not for dinner, because the enzymes which are needed for the digestion are only produced till the middle of the day, later we only use up what is in our blood stream.
3. Pork in any preparation is in my opinion nothing which you should eat! There are quite a few reasons for that, I only mention three:
a. the genetic material from a pig is quite similar to the human genetic code, which means the pork meat is wandering to the tissues where it came from. For example when you love your ham your bump will be growing and so on. When the allopath wants to bring a medicine to the disc in the spine they used to mix it with pig disc, then the medicine will reach the discs in a human, think about it.
b.The pig is the only animal which knows that it will be slaughtered, that means it is producing lots of adrenaline, which you will eat then.
C. since old china 4000 years back, the Chinese had known, if you feed the people with pork, they won’t make a revolution! Interesting to see in which countries in our days pork gets subvention. (There is a nice little booklet from the German doctor Reckeweg for somebody who wants to go deeper into this issue.)
Sport or exercise
An American study came to the conclusion , when you walk half an hour every day , you are less likely to develop rheumatic diseases by around 30 percent. So in my opinion we have to do at least a bit of sport.
Water drinking
In my opinion we should drink enough water to give our kidney the possibility to detoxify. The amount should be over two litres a day and I mean water not softdrinks, alcohol or coffee.



copyright:Marc Steinfels

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