An American research found out this fact and didn’t had an explanation, perhaps it might be this mechanism
Every time when we taste something sweet in our mouth we are producing an enzyme which is called ptyalin. The gland, which is producing this enzyme, is connected. This means every time we tasting sweet indirectly stimulated, the pancreas is starting to produce Insulin to digest the sugar. The Problem is, in my opinion, with sugar substitutes we are giving the information sweet to our taste buds, but there is no sugar on the way through the digestive system. Our pancreas stimulated from the taste has already been producing Insulin, which is now free flowing in the bloodstream .While there is no sugar for digestion in the blood the Insulin is influencing our normal sugar level in the blood. This Sugar level is for our brain function too important to tolerate a level, which is to low, therefore we are getting hungry again to bring our sugar level into norm again. So you will eat again to come to a normal sugar level, which means you eat actually more than without sugar substitutes.

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