A beautiful navel with a belly bottom piercing can look quite pretty, but my thoughts when I see piercing are going into a different point of view. In my praxis I do as well acupuncture, what I found with the acupuncture amazing is that the body is telling you how long the needles should stay in the acupuncture points. When you have chosen a right point and the needle is working in the right way, you’ll come to a point at which it is not anymore necessary to pull the needle; the needle will slide out the skin without any resistance. Before this point I feel every time a resistance as if the skin holds the needle. For me this resistance is the measurement how long I leave needles in a body, one time I had a patient who wanted to keep the needles for nearly ninety minutes, which is quite long in comparison to a normal session of fifteen to twenty-five minutes.
Coming back to piercing, it is for me nothing else but acupuncture, only done over such a long time that I can’t agree with it.

The earrings of the old sailors were made at the acupuncture point of the eye and normally they used a gold ring- reason they believed that such an earring could help them not to get blind while looking over water, where did they get such knowledge, was it right?

Another point is which points are chosen, we have acupuncture points and meridians all over our body it is quite difficult to be not on one.
In my understanding we’ll block the energy flow in the meridians, this means we have after a while a too much of energy before the piercing (on the front of the body under the piercing), and we have a lack of energy after the piercing (above at the front of a body)
This means we are disturbing our energy system! How much this will affect us depends on our constitution, our age and what other conditions our energy system has to cope with
In cases where it is helpful to take the piercing out you will see within a few days an improvement and the body will close the hole in a weeks time (depends how big the hole is)
In cases where the piercing is infected, red, hurting although the hygienic is good, I would recommend to see this as a sign that the body can’t handle such acupuncture.
When we are over thirty our body is more sensitive to bad treatment than as in a younger age, so we have to treat our body much more carefully than when we are younger.
Piercings like scars can be a point where we can reduce a loss of energy and help the body to get back into a balance.



copyright:Marc Steinfels 

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